Electric Socket and Switch Installation Service Stockport

Stockport Socket and Switch Installation Service

Older houses and their electrical installations simply were not built to cope with the modern day demand of electrical appliances and items and for that reason, it is not uncommon for these houses to be in need of more power outlets. Additionally, as electrical wiring and fixtures can deteriorate over time, they are occasionally in need of a repair which is why we offer an affordable socket and switch installation service.

If you have faulty switches or sockets, or if you are looking for a new installation you can rely on N.I.C. Electrics to provide you with a cost effective and quickly achieved solution.

Although it might seem quicker and cheaper to just buy large amounts of extension leads, this can be dangerous as it overloads the circuit. An overloaded circuit can cause expensive and dangerous electrical fires, and this is of course is dangerous not to mention the aesthetic problems and safety hazards caused by trailing cables all around a room.

As qualified electricians we can safely install new and conveniently placed sockets, giving you long term peace of mind that you are running your electrical equipment safely.

When it comes to light switches, more and more people are having dimmer switches installed into their house. As well as offering new and creative solutions to room lighting, a dimmer switch can cut your electricity bills and offer greater energy efficiency. The light in a room can be lowered by ten percent before the human eye even recognises the difference, and is often lowered much more for ambient affect.

We can also install three way switch systems for greater convenience in the house. This is where one light is controlled by two different switches in two different locations. Typically (but not exclusively) this is found at the top and the bottom of the stairs, and is safer, more convenient and gives considerably more functionality.

Switches in the bathroom may come up against some safety limitations – this is usually dependant on the size of the bathroom, and what type of switch is required. Under most circumstances a bathroom will have a pull cord as the light switch, but if your bathroom is large enough we can relocate the switch and change it to your preference. If a pull cord does not match your design – we can even move the switch outside the door for you.

If you are redesigning your house, every switch and socket installation can make a difference and as N.I.C. Electrics can install every type efficiently and professionally, we can give you the confidence that your house will not be in violation of any safety regulations.

Let N.I.C. Electrics in Stockport handle your socket and switch installation. Give us a call on 01625 541794 or 07782 140782, or send us a message through our enquiry form to get things started.

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