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Security To The Home / Security Installation

In addition to being local CCTV installers, there are a number of other security products we can install that will provide a sufficient deterrent level from any would be intruder and combined, they will help to make your property a safer place to live in.


As local CCTV installers, we fit CCTV systems with a range of prices depending on the specification. We do not however install a cheap product with a poor quality camera. All of our camera kits come with a DVR and a monitor. The camera quality is a minimum of 1080p which gives a good clear picture. These can be connected to the internet so you can still monitor your property when you are at work, on holiday, etc.

Spot Lights

A good deterrent to any intruder are spot lights placed discreetly up in the eaves of your house positioned to illuminate the full area. We install the latest LED spot lights with motion detectors and night and day sensors giving off a clear bright light that is also low energy.

Burglar Alarms

We also install burglar alarms. We tend to install the new wireless type of product. This gives you more flexibility if you extend your house or if you decide to put in another sensor, you don’t have to run cables throughout the property.

Why Choose N.I.C. Electrics As Local CCTV Installers

As NICEIC registered electricians based in Stockport, we are fully qualified to install all of the above products and for electrical safety purposes are able to test your CCTV system to make sure everything is safe for use and this applies to any other security or safety installations you may require us to do such as smoke detectors or garden lights.

We issue an electrical certificate at the end of each and every job, this is not only a mark of our quality workmanship, it is also an assurance for our customers of the professional job being completed but serves as a reminder of the warranty agreement that accompanies everything we do.

As local CCTV installers, we look forward to receiving your enquiry and being of service. Any enquiries after the point of installation are welcome and we will always be glad to help you. Give us a call on 01625 541794 or 07782 140782, or send us a message through our enquiry form.

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