In every property the lighting installed is the most noticed part of the installation. There are so many different types of lighting all to suit each persons requirements. The lighting market is always changing and lighting is always being upgraded helping to create something special and give the finishing touches to a bathroom or a kitchen.

Over our ten years of trading we have installed and upgraded all types of lighting for our domestic customers and emergency lighting systems for businesses across Stockport. We have a vast knowledge and can advise you on the best type of lighting for each room.

For instance, it is worth upgrading your old halogen spot lights for the LED spots giving you a better quality of lighting. You will make a saving on your energy bills and an LED light lasts for 25,000 hours. It ends that trip to the shop buying bulbs and forever changing them.

We also fit a wide range of internal lighting such as chandelier type lighting . We offer a service of when you are moving house we will take down light fittings that you are keeping replacing them with standard pendant drop lights in your old home and then installing your light fittings in your new home.

We also fit a wide range of outdoor lighting creating a outdoor living area or feature lighting outside such as garden lighting. These can be fitted on timers or photocells enabling them to come on in the night time and turn off in daylight.

We fit a wide range of spot lighting to suit for different needs such as security illuminating a large area which have motion sensor detectors or a small spot light with a motion Decatur to illuminate a small area of your house to for practical reasons such as illuminating your drive way when you arrive home in the dark.

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