LED Lighting

LED Lighting In The Home Or Office

Many households and businesses are now opting for LED lighting, in addition to saving more than 90% on lighting costs compared to halogen lighting, LED lights also use up to 50% less energy than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting, slashing your utility bills. Furthermore, they’ll last longer too, amplifying these savings benefits.

Energy Saving Lights

Using less electricity also reduces carbon emissions, helping you operate in an environmentally friendly way and reach Government-set energy consumption targets. It also reflects well on your organisation publicly.

Longer Lifespan Of LED Lights

Because LED lights do not have a filament that burns out (and forces you to change the bulb), they have a very long life expectancy. This applies to both interior and exterior LED lighting.

In fact, the lifespan of these lights is up to twenty times longer than fluorescent or incandescent lighting systems. They average 100,000 hours at full brightness, that’s eleven years, dramatically reducing maintenance costs.

Modern Smart Design

LED lights can also create a more modern look and feel as well as providing more opportunity to customise your interior lighting. As an example, a traditional centre light can easily be transformed into a full modern flush ceiling of spotlights.

LED lighting solutions come in all shapes and sizes including down lights, panel lights, spot lights, high bay lights and batons, flood exterior and wall lights. They are highly versatile too, which means you can find something quickly for practically any application.

In addition, LED lights for buildings are available in a range of colours, making them an attractive choice, and reach full brightness in microseconds to swiftly illuminate work or living areas for maximum visibility and safety.

LED Lighting Projects Easy To Retrofit

If you have a traditional fluorescent or incandescent lighting system, replacing it with an LED lighting installation is swift and hassle free. LED lights for business can fit in the existing spaces and the historical compatibility and connectivity issues are now practically non-existent.

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