Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting

Your garden is part of your home, just like your kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedrooms. At N.I.C. Electrics, we apply the same care and attention to detail with your garden lighting that you’d expect to receive from an interior decorator who was working on any room of your home. When it comes to garden lighting we cover every aspect of design, planning and installation.

We’ll take the time to visit your garden and talk through any concepts and ideas you may already have, exploring all possibilities and advising on what would best suit your garden abased on your budget. Furthermore, we’ll carry out a full site survey and produce a detailed garden lighting proposal – all at no cost and with no obligation.

Garden Lighting and Wiring

As well as providing much easier and safer solutions to having miles of extension cable leading out from your house, getting power to the outside of your home can completely transform the aesthetics of your garden or patio.

N.I.C. has fully qualified and approved electricians, able to help you plan and install every light and power outlet according to your specific needs and the lay-out of your property.

Lighting and Security

Of all the conveniences that garden wiring brings with it, lighting is probably the one which has the most impact on how your garden looks. Although there are battery powered or solar alternatives, having proper lighting installed outside is reliable year round, and gives you a wider range of choices.

Security and practicality are two reasons why garden lighting is a major benefit. Motion sensor lights can provide extra protection against intruders and recessed spotlights can line a pathway or drive. Another use for outdoor lighting is to highlight and illuminate aspects of your garden you are particularly proud or fond of – a water feature or statue for example.

Lighting is not the only benefit of electricity outside, a lot of people enjoy spending time in their sheds or greenhouses, but without power there are certain limitations as to how often they can be in there comfortably. Introducing power into these buildings means sockets, lighting and heating, for a better shed experience.

Sockets and Switches

Sockets in outdoor locations come in handy for those with water features or ponds, as they will often require electricity to work the pumps or filters needed to keep them running properly. They can also make using electric tools in the garden safer, with no trailing extension leads required, that could get damaged or worn by the outdoor conditions.

However, when moving power outside, there are a lot of safety issues that need to be considered, there are things like weather conditions, distance between the mains and the socket, proper coverings and safety measures and even the depth and type of cables being used to supply the electricity.


Part P of the building regulations now require anyone intending to have any electrical work installed outside to notify the building control authorities, and are obligated to use a Part P registered electrician to carry out the work. In fact, heavy fines can be incurred if electrical works do not meet the standards that have been set out.

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