Electrical Fault Finding

Electrical Fault Finding In Domestic Properties

In our 10 years of trading we have experienced most of the electrical faults that will occur in a domestic property. This pool of knowledge has given us a good skill base to refer to when we are electrical fault finding, ensuring that we can solve issues rapidly. Typically, 90% of the time the fault will be pretty simple to detect and rectify.

Electrical faults don’t occur very often but when they do, you want to be able have the problems addressed and solved as quickly as possible. Electrical fault finding can be one of the awkward parts of the electrical trade and it takes years of experience to be able to find a fault within an installation. We have that experience.

Loss Of Power

When we are called out to a fault which has resulted in loss of power, we always strive to make it to you as quickly as possible as we fully understand the instant difficulties you will be faced with such as darkness throughout the property and possibly, the expense of  replacing frozen food because of no power to your freezer. When it comes to rapid response to loss of power fault finding, our testimonials speak for themselves.

Electrical Fault Finding Costs

Because a fault find is hard to predict, estimating how long it could take to find the fault is equally hard to predict which makes it hard to make a fair quote prior to attending the property. We have a good clear costing policy and we feel that it is good value for money. It is clear and concise so that the customer has no hidden surprises.

A clear line of communication from start to finish is extremely important as it gives knowledge and peace of mind to our customer. When the fault is found we will discuss with the customer what needs to be done such as replacing those faulty parts in the installation that are causing the fault(s) to occur and re-occur.

Fault Finding Solution

To try to prevent any future electrical problems we strongly recommend that every home owner should undertake to have an electrical installation condition report (EICR) carried out on their property approximately every five years. It’s a sensible way of keeping on top of your electrical installation and it’s a good way of carrying out a service which will prevent any unexpected bills, a loss of power and most importantly, it keeps your electrics safe by identifying the exact nature of any work that needs to be completed.

Hopefully, you are on this page because you are looking at electrical fault prevention rather than because you have an electrical emergency in your home right now. If it’s the former and you are looking for an experienced Stockport electrician to provide you with an electrical fault finding service, please get in touch and we’ll arrange a suitable time to visit your home. If it’s the latter and you have an emergency on your hands right now, call us on 01625 541794 or 07782 140782.


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