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Electric Cooker Circuits – Installation and Repairs

You must never plug your cooker into an ordinary socket. It must always be hard-wired into a wall plate. Fitting or installing an electric cooker is highly regulated because of the huge power a cooker requires and so, the cooker must be connected to its own circuit. It cannot be spurred off any other electrical circuit and must be controlled by its own fuse at the consumer unit.  For this reason, if this is a new electric cooker installation it counts as installing a new electrical circuit which is forbidden by law to anyone other than a Part P qualified electrician.

N.I.C. Electrics in Stockport are Part P electricians which means we can legally and safely provide an electric cooker installation service for the new cooker you have purchased. We can also repair or replace the electrical equipment connected to your existing cooker.

Even if you are replacing an electric cooker with another electric cooker this needs a new circuit for safety therefore is counted as a new install and should only be undertaken by a qualified electrician who has experience in cooker installations. We can remove your old electric cooker safely then on delivery of your new cooker we can install the new cooker using the existing wiring. We can install your cooker using our same day service meaning less hassle for you so you can start enjoying your new cooker.

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We provide an electric cooker installation for all type of cookers including freestanding cookers, built in hob, oven or range cookers. An electrical certificate is supplied at the end of each and every job. This is not only a mark of our quality workmanship, it is also an assurance for our customers of the professional job we have done installing their electric cooker, but serves as a reminder of the warranty agreement that accompanies everything we do.

As local electric cooker installation service providers, we look forward to receiving your enquiry and being of service. Any enquiries after the point of installation are welcome and we will always be glad to help you. Give us a call on 01625 541794 or 07782 140782, or send us a message through our enquiry form.

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