Door Entry Systems

Door Entry Systems, Locks and Access Control Systems

As a Stockport commercial electrician, N.I.C. Electrics can supply and fit any type of door entry system in order to help keep your property safe. There are a variety of locking systems that have different levels of security, and with our expertise we can advise what type of lock would be best for your company, as well as advise on and install any complementary CCTV systems.

Stand-Alone Locks

These locks are one of the most common systems, used regularly in office buildings or to stockrooms in a shop. They can be accessed through either swiping a key card, or inputting a code into a keypad. This is an extremely useful door entry system as it very quick to install, and can be up and working on the same day as it is installed. At NIC Electrics, we are also able to repair any stand-alone locks, replacing any broken parts or key cards.

Proximity Readers

Another common door entry system that is used a lot in office buildings is a proximity reader. This uses a sensor connected lock and an electronic key card. The sensor can register the presence of the card once it is a couple of feet away, and is easy to use and repair. Replacement parts are simple to set up, and any lost cards can be cancelled and the substitute card can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Biometric Systems

Biometric systems are easily one of the most secure ways to protect your property. By requiring either a hand or fingerprint, or a retinal scan, the biometric system stops anyone who is unauthorised from accessing your property. Whilst this form of door entry system is of the highest quality, it is also the most costly, and doesn’t suit a building that has a high volume of human traffic. Any broken equipment is also easy to repair or replace as the biometric information is stored on a central database.

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