Consumer Unit Upgrade Stockport

Consumer Unit Upgrade Must Be Performed Or Certified By A Competent Person aka A Qualified Electrician

When your installation reaches a certain age or the regulations have changed there are upgrades that can be made to bring your installation up to the current safety regulations. This can be done with modern fully RCD protected consumer unit upgrade to your old fuse board / fuse box.

Testing Your Property Before Upgrading A Consumer Unit

A full electrical installation condition report (EICR) is carried out on the installation prior to the consumer unit upgrade so any faults or defects can be detected and addressed. When the EICR is carried out it will also pick up on things like correct lighting in a bathroom no broken or damaged accessories in the installation such as socket faces and light switches. This tends to be a requirement for a mortgage if you are buying or selling your house.


It is a requirement in the rental sector that all rented properties have to be fully RCD protected. Installing a modern consumer unit gives you peace of mind that your electrics are totally fault protected with all the latest safety devices and goes towards fulfilling some of your legal obligations to tenants.

This process has to be carried out by a fully qualified electrician as it is important that it is installed, tested and certified with a full installation certificate and registered with the local building control and the NICEIC.

Home Owners

When you undertake to carry out a consumer unit upgrade there are a number of other upgrades that will need to be done. You will need to upgrade your main supply tails to the correct size along with your main earth cable upgrading that to the correct size. Another very important part of the upgrade is to ensure that the earth bonding to your mains gas and your mains water is installed correctly.

In our 10+ years of trading we have installed hundreds of new consumer units and we can install one for you to upgrade to make your home a safer property for you and your family.

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